So, most people have smart phones. Unless your cool, like me. I got me a nice ‘ol flip phone.

Anyway, if you have a smartphone, go ahead and scan this:

This is for my best friend, and brother Agent Ransloth.



Also, since I’m awesome, I’ll give you the link to type up your own QR Code!







(Well, its my own faq…lol)

Q:Where have you been?!?!!!

A: Well, I have school, so i’m kinda busy…

Q: Why havent you been blogging?!?!!

A: I said, school. Exams are coming up. Sheesh. Stop asking.

Q: So, are you gonna make another blog post?

A: This is another. Umm..soon though..soon. We will see…WE WILL SEE!!! *ahem*

Q: How’s life?

A: Fine.

Q: Are you running out of questions?

A: Yes…. If anyone has a question please comment I’ll update this post with that question!

Comment Questions:

Q:Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog post or vice-versa?

A: Well, it depends what your blog is about. As for exchanging links, what does that mean?

That’s it for now..sorry.


Also, 50th post yay!