(Well, its my own faq…lol)

Q:Where have you been?!?!!!

A: Well, I have school, so i’m kinda busy…

Q: Why havent you been blogging?!?!!

A: I said, school. Exams are coming up. Sheesh. Stop asking.

Q: So, are you gonna make another blog post?

A: This is another. Umm..soon though..soon. We will see…WE WILL SEE!!! *ahem*

Q: How’s life?

A: Fine.

Q: Are you running out of questions?

A: Yes…. If anyone has a question please comment I’ll update this post with that question!

Comment Questions:

Q:Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog post or vice-versa?

A: Well, it depends what your blog is about. As for exchanging links, what does that mean?

That’s it for now..sorry.


Also, 50th post yay!