Cool Pic

So there’s a picture I found.. of GLOWING FIREFLY SQUIDS. Yes, GLOWING FIREFLY SQUIDS. So, without further ado, here it is:

Cool eh?


Im bored.

Yes, me, im bored. So im making this post… because im bored. Now, i will list some of the things i like to do (not in order):

Ride Bikes

Ride Scooters

Eat Ice Cream, FAVE IS CHUNKY MONKEY!!! awesome stuff

Use my Ipod




Playing with my trekbot/skitterbot

Im learning how to skateboard…but its not going well

Oh yah, last year, when it was snowing i got a sled and sledding down… was a fail, but it was funny and an experience….

umm… i like to  youtube

OMG I FORGOT Nerf is THE best thing EVAR. Like,  i mean EVAR. But i dont have many guns. My guns are (including my brothers): 3 mavericks 1 is a sonic series which is my bros and a regular one which is mah bros and another regular one which is mine. One stampede, my brothers. One Raider cs-35, my brothers (man he  has a lot of guns) (he is also getting the unity pack. It comes with the titan, the hornet as6 amd the IX3 pistol(he said he would give me yay! on the Dec. 9th.)) aaaaand a recon cs6, mine. I plan on getting a few more guns, including the longshot, (its coming this week, also Dec. 9th. im also getting a whiteout series Deploy CS-6, around the same day.) It seems that they dont sell the longshot anymore, so im buying it off of ebay. On amazon, its 199 bucks. Yikes!  and a bunch of small guns (like nitefinder and the secret strike or whatever the heck its called) and…..yeah. If you wanna see awesome nerf ….”gameplay” lets call it, check out CACox97, he is awesome. I also played lazer tag (bye nerf), and was totally into that. That was like, THE THING. But i haven got around to changin the batteries…. plus they broke, so thats that…

Umm i like swimming, i learned this summer actually, in my uncle’s pool. (My uncle loves COD btw. )Oh, that reminds me of an incident, he left for a minute and my lil brother put on his headset and tried to talk to his friends, but accidentally set the volume to max, so when he came back and reactivated it, one of his friends talked and he was like “oww!!!” and we were laughing our heads off….)  I dont really care. (Im sorry if this offends COD fans, but i dont care about it really)) Umm… i like tanks ( i mean who doesnt) and… i like freddiew, on youtube. Check him later, eh?

Lets see…. i like buckyballs/zen magnets/neocube. I bought one and i think its cool. I also got the buckycubes, but they are not as good. I prefer buckyballs more.

Umm…..Err… *scratch head* My favorite ice cream… owait i already did that.

I used to like beyblade, and i have some pretty good ones. I also used to like yugioh, dont play it anymore, also magic the gathering, dont play anymore either. I have a laptop, so thats cool. I used to play DarkOrbit, and was a big fan, play scarcely now though. Also shellshock live, i still play but im usually busy. i like, and, umm….

Umm also theres hexbug nano, i got it a few months ago. Those are COOL. I mean seriously, i was mesmerized for like half an hour. So those things are cool.

When i think of more, ill edit!

Meanwhile, leave a comment telling me your favorite stuff to do (or whatever)!

Also, guys, im not a know-it-all. All you guys asking me  these hard questions, please, please, just google it. Please. Thank you.

The picture of Saturn that runs rings around all the others

If u look carefully, right near the top left ring, is earth. My computer is acting funny.. so i cant save the pic and make the arrow to show the earth.. ill do it a soon as a i can.. sorry guys!

rest here: The picture of Saturn that runs rings around all the others | Mail Online.

Edit (10/12/2011): Hey guys! Can you see the little arrow? (Yea i know the pic is smaller.. my computer is messed up, but,) Thats Earth! Hooray for Earth!