Some Girl Falls In A Sinkhole

Apparently it’s because she was on the phone, but that’s apparently not the case because the sinkhole was hidden beneath pavement.


They put an update which states: “A previous version of this post failed to mention that there may have been caution blocks on the street that the girl failed to see.” 


So, they are still saying that it’s her fault because she was on the phone. Even if she wasn’t on the phone, she doesn’t know where the hole was, and couldn’t have avoided it.

Full article here:


Girl in China talks on cellphone, falls in sinkhole – Los Angeles Times.


Cancer Assassinating Cells


Leukemia is a blood cancer – the 65 year old man in this news story has it. In a nutshell, they took out some of his immune system cells, reprogrammed them to assassinate cancer, put them back in his body… then read what happened !


Immune System, Loaded With Remade T-cells, Vanquishes Cancer –