Some Girl Falls In A Sinkhole

Apparently it’s because she was on the phone, but that’s apparently not the case because the sinkhole was hidden beneath pavement.


They put an update which states: “A previous version of this post failed to mention that there may have been caution blocks on the street that the girl failed to see.” 


So, they are still saying that it’s her fault because she was on the phone. Even if she wasn’t on the phone, she doesn’t know where the hole was, and couldn’t have avoided it.

Full article here:


Girl in China talks on cellphone, falls in sinkhole – Los Angeles Times.

North Korea

So, did you hear/read?


Kim Jong-Un has proposed an alliance between North and South Korea. Check the link here:


Some Excerpts:

“I express my greetings to our compatriots in South Korea and across the world who dedicate themselves to reunification and the prosperity of the nations,”
“During Sunday’s military parade, North Korea showed what appeared to be a large new missile.”
“Let us move forward to final victory,”
TL:DR:…Don’t be lazy. Go and read it.
Now, I’m not one to conspir..icize?
Anyway, this is kind of stuff authorizes caution.
Be careful out there.


So, most people have smart phones. Unless your cool, like me. I got me a nice ‘ol flip phone.

Anyway, if you have a smartphone, go ahead and scan this:

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Italian mayor bans dying over lack of space in local cemetery

“We have a situation. It is a very grave one. We cannot allow people to die. The cemeteries have run out of space. So, from here on today, new law: YOU CANNOT DIE.”



Apparently two people already broke the rule… I guess they are gonna go to jail…or a death sentence! lol!

Italian mayor bans dying over lack of space in local cemetery — RT.